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Chef's Secret Guilty Pleasures

You might imagine that gourmet chefs eat nothing but the finest partridge wing drizzled in Tibetan truffle oil, the truth is that most of them have a secret guilty food pleasure or two.

Fizzy Cocktails for a Sparkling Winter

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or just an excuse to enjoy a little tipple, winter is definitely the time for fizz. So we’ve put together a few fizzy cocktail ideas to help you get the party started…

Beyond Cocoa: 5 Hot Drinks to Try this Winter

Hot chocolate has become the go-to, staple drink in cooler months, but is it not time to try something new? To inspire you, here is our round-up of five delicious hot drink alternatives to the classic cocoa…


Winter weddings have grown in popularity over the last few years and across the Elite Hotels group we have seen a surge in enquiries from brides and grooms asking about weddings in the cooler months. Is it true what they say?


2018 marks 100 years since the end of the first world war. In tribute to this occasion, we have sourced some of the most poignant and affecting works that were written of the time.