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Our Charity Partnership

Elite Hotels is proud to present Hearing Dogs for the Deaf as our chosen charity partner of 2024. 

An Introduction to our Charity Partner

This partnership signifies our dedication to supporting organisations that bring about tangible change and enhance the well-being of communities. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, renowned for their transformative work in training assistance dogs to provide vital support to those with hearing impairments, aligns seamlessly with our values of inclusivity and social responsibility.  

This collaboration highlights a shared vision for a more accessible and compassionate world. Together, Elite Hotels and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People embark on a journey to create lasting, meaningful change, symbolising a harmonious blend of hospitality and heartfelt social responsibility.

The collaboration will include a series of fundraising events, where employees and guests alike can actively participate in initiatives designed to generate funds for this noble cause. Furthermore, Elite Hotels will roll out innovative fundraising promotions, encouraging guest activations that seamlessly integrate the joy of giving into the guest experience. 

Paws for a Cause: Transforming Lives with Hearing Dogs

Indulge in an exquisite getaway with our exclusive Dinner, Bed, and Breakfast package at Elite Hotels, where luxury meets compassion. Experience an unforgettable evening with a delectable dinner, followed by a restful night's sleep, waking up to a sumptuous breakfast that will leave you refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Better yet, you can share this experience with your best furry companions.

What makes this package truly special is our commitment to making a positive impact. With every booking of our Paws for a Cause package, we proudly donate to our charity partner, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Elite Hotels will not only match your £5 package donation but double it to £10 per reservation, totalling a donation of £15 per reservation. Your stay not only promises culinary delights and unparalleled comfort but also plays a part in supporting the training of assistance puppies, providing vital assistance to those with hearing impairments.

To make your reservation, please click on your hotel of choice - choose from Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club, The Grand Hotel in Eastbourne or Tylney Hall Hotel & Gardens

Invisible Delight: A Whimsical Doggy-Themed Side Dish for a Cause

Savour the charm of our whimsical and invisible doggy-themed side dish: Paw-tatoes, where the enjoyment lies in giving back. 

Despite its invisibility, the delight is genuine, and your £5 donation contributes to training treats that will support a Hearing Dog for a full month. 

To find out more about the delightful dining options available to you at Elite Hotels, please click on your hotel of choice - choose from Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club, The Grand Hotel in Eastbourne or Tylney Hall Hotel & Gardens


February of Giving: Elite Hotels Doubles Your Contribution for a Cause

Demonstrating our dedication to supporting this exceptional charity, we invite you to join our fundraising effort through our matched donation program for events, weddings and leisure memberships confirmed throughout February 2024*. For every confirmed guest or leisure membership, Elite Hotels will donate £5, and if you wish to match our donation, our contribution will double to £10, resulting in a total donation of £15. Your generosity will play a pivotal role in funding the training of an assistance puppy, offering essential and transformative assistance to individuals with hearing impairments.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please speak to our team for further details. 

Your visit to Elite Hotels

Guests with assistance dogs are very welcome.  Your trusted companion is at liberty to join you throughout the hotel, whether you are taking afternoon tea in the lounge, dining in the restaurant or relaxing in your room.  Regrettably we are unable permit animals around the swimming pool due to health and safety protocols, but if there is anything further we can do to support you in enjoying this area of the hotel, please let us know.  

Assistance features for the hard of hearing
Please let us know if you require any of the following services we have available, ahead of your arrival. 
•    Hearing loop at reception 
•    Flashing telephone 
•    Vibrating pillow alarm clock 
•    Deafguard vibrating pillow fire alarm

Our commitmen
As we continue to better serve the hard of hearing community, our teams have undergone additional training in conjunction with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, covering: 
•    Top tips for communication 
•    British-Sign-Language basics
•    An introduction to lip-reading

We look forward to welcoming you soon!