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Kitchen Tips

With many of us experiencing more time at home than we are perhaps used to in recent weeks, the temptation to try new things in the kitchen can be overwhelming. 

English Wine Under the Spotlight

Will English wine take on the world?

A Gardener's World

What’s it like to work on a single vision for half a lifetime? Paul Tattersdill, Estate Manager and Head Gardener at Tylney Hall, chats about a 30-year (and counting!) garden restoration project.

How to give a speech that people remember
Let’s face it, few people actually love giving speeches. But at some point in our lives, most of us will find ourselves having to give some sort of toast, talk or presentation.
An Afternoon with… Bolney Wines
Wine has long been present in modern society, it can be seen paired with dinner, a glass (or two) after work and appears at any and most occasions. Having supplied us with many varieties of their delicious wines and a popular favourite in the restaurants across the Elite Hotels group, we ask the experts at Bolney Wine some questions behind the nation’s favourite tipple!