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How to give a speech that people remember
Let’s face it, few people actually love giving speeches. But at some point in our lives, most of us will find ourselves having to give some sort of toast, talk or presentation.
An Afternoon with… Bolney Wines
Wine has long been present in modern society, it can be seen paired with dinner, a glass (or two) after work and appears at any and most occasions. Having supplied us with many varieties of their delicious wines and a popular favourite in the restaurants across the Elite Hotels group, we ask the experts at Bolney Wine some questions behind the nation’s favourite tipple!
The Secret Daily Habits of High-Achievers
Success can often seem like it’s all down to the big, shiny achievements in life, like movie contracts and billion-dollar deals. But the truth is that when high-achievers are asked to share the secrets of their success, they often mention daily habits that sound insignificant but get huge results.
Nine Steps to Heaven on an Elite Wellness Escape
Just how heavenly can a heavenly overnight wellness escape be?
A brief look back at the fascinating musical history of The Grand Hotel
Dominating the shoreline with its grand stature, this magnificent 19th-century hotel has been an iconic landmark on the seafront and has an abundance of musical heritage which seeps through the history of the building.