Deaf Awareness Week: Our Commitment to Inclusivity

As we observe Deaf Awareness Week across the Elite Hotels group, we take this opportunity, working alongside our 2024 Charity Partners, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, to provide education to our teams and guests on how hearing loss can be better accommodated for and recognised in the hospitality industry and beyond. 

We recognise the importance of creating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and welcomed, regardless of hearing ability, which is why we were honoured to recently be joined by members of the Hearing Dogs team at Ashdown Park, The Grand and Tylney Hall. They provided workshops giving us a broader understanding of hearing loss, and educating our teams on how we, as a hotel group, can ensure everybody is comfortably understood when visiting us. 

After our initial fundraising campaigns in February, where our teams took on several challenges to raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, we continue to show support to the charity through our latest ‘Paws for Cake’ Bake Sales. So far, the teams have collectively raised over £4,222 during fundraising events alone. Our rolling hotel promotions, ‘Paws for a Cause Package’ and our Donation Side Dish ‘Paw-tatoes’, continue to be available throughout the year, allowing our wonderful guests to support this cause.  

Further information about our Charity Partnership can be found HERE 

During Deaf Awareness Week and beyond, we encourage our guests to support this incredibly important cause in their own way, whether that is through personal education or by supporting those who can make a difference, because together we can. 

“We have been delighted to partner with Elite Hotels over the past year. Elite Hotels shares our vision for a more accessible and compassionate world, and by training their staff to be more deaf aware, they are taking real, tangible steps to ensure that deaf guests feel welcomed and their needs considered. The additional services Elite Hotels offers to their deaf guests, such as vibrating pillow fire alarms and alarm clocks, all help turn a hotel stay from a worrying experience to one that is more relaxing and stress-free.” Jo Wengler, Head of Major Giving – Hearing Dogs for Deaf People