Winter weddings have grown in popularity over the last few years and across the Elite Hotels group we have seen a surge in enquiries from brides and grooms asking about weddings in the cooler months. Is it true what they say? Is winter really the most wonderful time of the year – for a wedding? We explore the rising trend of winter weddings and the reasons why couples are choosing to pick colder seasons.

A winter wedding instantly conjures up the picture-perfect image of a couple stood surrounded by beautiful scenery, covered in crisp, white snow. Winter photography adds a magical touch to your special day, however, should the snow not fall, fear not, a slight frost misted across historic lawns can still look beautiful. In the evening darker skies provide a beautiful backdrop for candles, sparklers or even fireworks.

Although becoming more and more popular, the autumn/winter season gives you much more choice. Weekends in summer are extremely popular and can be booked years in advance, with winter this is simply not the case (yet). The cost associated with a wedding can be significant during peak season so by booking ‘offseason’ couples are able to spread their money further.

Decorations are a key feature of any wedding and the festive period lends itself perfectly to your big day. Winter is the perfect season to experiment with darker colour themes such as red, black and purple. As well as veering away from the traditional pastel colours of summer, winter essentials such as wellies and shawls can be personalised and also offer some amazing and unique photograph opportunities, picture bridesmaids curled up in front of the fire with personalised socks. Embracing the darker colours, Hannah & Sean opted for a burgundy lace theme for the bridesmaids and added a quirky touch of
snow boots for outdoor photography. They also made use of the Christmas decorations already on display at Ashdown Park “Sean and I love Christmas and we knew as soon as we got engaged that we wanted a winter wedding which included beautiful Christmas trees, which Ashdown Park had!”

No winter wedding list would be complete without the mention of food. Warm, comfort foods such as Traditional Christmas Fayre can be excellent and well received on a winter wedding menu, coupled with the traditional mulled wine. Food also makes wonderful wedding favours such as decorated ginger bread snowflakes or hearts and hot chocolate kits. 

Whether it’s the festive cheer, darker nights or roaring fires, there is something very romantic about a winters evening. At Elite Hotels we are lucky enough to have beautiful, historic buildings which come alive during the winter months. This was the scene just before Christmas at The Grand Hotel, who hosted the wedding of Mr & Mrs Munn on the 22nd December 2017. The couple extended their stay
and took advantage of the winter season by booking a Christmas package break for their honeymoon. Fast forward a year later and they are set to return over Christmas once again, for their 1 year anniversary. Couple Hannah and Sean Poor were married at Ashdown Park Hotel last winter and chose the venue to host their dream winter wedding. Hannah explains “we chose Ashdown Park
for many reasons that are really in keeping with the theme of our wedding, which was a winter fairy-tale. Ashdown Forest is the forest that inspired Winnie the Pooh, we, therefore, can treasure the fact that our wedding reception was set in the magical forests that inspired one of our favourite stories.”

It is easy to see why so many couples opt for a winter wedding, to discuss your winter wedding at Elite Hotels please visit our website or contact our dedicated wedding co-ordinators.