Nine Steps to Heaven on an Elite Wellness Escape

Just how heavenly can a heavenly overnight wellness escape be?  Elite Hotels take this question very seriously indeed. In fact, after consulting with the serenity experts and bliss boffins in our tranquillity labs, we have come up with the ideal formula for a totally relaxing pamper break. So here is our nine-step guide to spoiling yourself rotten… in style!

1. You arrive at your Elite hotel of choice, pausing to breathe in the peace and quiet. Is that a deer you spotted darting through the woodlands? Who knows? You’ll find out later.

2. Right now, it is time to be welcomed by your friendly concierge and get checked in. Every good day begins with a soothing hot drink — it is the English way, after all. Head to the lounge and unwind with a tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Make sure to grab a comfy chair with a view of the gardens. If the window is open, you might just catch the scent of rhododendrons wafting in on the breeze…

3. It’s pamper o’clock — time to head to the spa, slip into a fluffy white robe and meet your therapist for a consultation. Next, lie back on a comfy couch and enjoy the treatment of your choice, whether that’s an aromatherapy massage, Turkish salt scrub or Kerstin Florian facial (and who says that you have to have just one?)

4. Fresh from your treatment and basking in a rosy glow, you can head for a dip in the pool. Pure bliss.

5. Now that you’ve been pampered from top to toe, it’s time to indulge your taste buds as well. Head to your room, get dressed and make your way to the hotel restaurant for dinner. First-class gourmet cuisine paired with the best fine wines? Oh yes please, and dessert as well.

6. Dinner is over, so why not take a relaxing walk around the gardens and grounds? Look up — the stars are really bright this far from the city. Maybe you’ll spot a falling one to make a wish upon. Although really, what could you possibly wish for? You have everything that you need right here...

7.Time for a nightcap in the hotel bar. So sit back beside the fireplace and let the waiter serve you your favourite digestif. What’s it to be — sherry, Cognac or sweet Drambuie? Decisions, decisions…

8. Bedtime in your lovely Elite hotel room. Close the curtains, slip beneath the crisp, clean sheets and listen to the sweet, sweet sound of silence… apart from maybe the odd hoot of an owl. Goodnight.

9. Good morning! Do you hear that soft knocking on your door? It is our Elite team, ready with your freshly cooked breakfast in bed. The perfect ending to a perfect stay. Bon appetite!

Tempted to take your own nine steps to heaven on an Elite overnight spa stay? Visit our hotel websites to view the latest spa promotions and deals.