How to turn a dream into a dream life

‘Follow your passion’ might sound like the ultimate cliché, but for the world’s top entrepreneurs, it is much more than a throwaway saying — it’s a way of life. These three British heroes weren’t afraid to chase their dreams.

Estimated worth: £7.8 billion James Dyson slogged away for years on his vision of a bag-less vacuum cleaner, creating over 5,000 prototypes. But perfecting his invention wasn’t the end of the journey — he then endured a decade of rejections from British manufacturers before the idea caught on. Now a billionaire and global icon, we’re betting that his doubters are deeply regretting it now.

Estimated worth: £213.5 million As far as passions go, Chrissie Rucker’s was simple — she adored the colour white. In 1993, she took a massive leap into the unknown, launching The White Company as a homeware mail-order enterprise. Nowadays, the brand has over 50 stores and even kits out British Airways jets. And all because of the love of a single colour (and a little bit of courage too).

Estimated worth: £780 million Most of us know the story of how a single mum on benefits penned the first Harry Potter book in an Edinburgh café. But this bestselling author is also a natural entrepreneur as well. A savvy business operator, Rowling went on to build an empire of Harry Potter movies, merchandise and theme parks. Which just goes to show that there really is no ceiling on ambition.

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