How to glow like the sun

Too often we think of winter as being the time when we have to take the most care of our skin — after all, the cold, wet and windy weather can wreak havoc with our complexions. But that said, spring definitely isn’t the time to let your skincare routine slip. It’s just as important to maintain good habits as the warmer months approach.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for having radiant and healthy skin from spring to summer.

We all love the sunshine but while it’s good for your soul, it can wreak havoc on your skin. Sun damage can cause fine lines and hyperpigmentation, not to mention more serious issues further down the line. So your number one skincare priority should be to invest in a decent sunblock, ideally a factor 35 or above. ‘What, no tan?’ we hear you cry. Well, don’t forget that gorgeous, shimmery spray tans are a fabulous alternative.

It’s important to keep your skin soft and supple, but that said, you don’t need to dollop your face with the heavy creams of winter. Instead, opt for lighter formulas and better still, find ones that have combined sun protection as well. This will have the added bonus of cutting down your beauty routine steps.

Lots of people confuse dry skin with dehydrated skin, but they are actually two different things. Dry skin lacks natural oils, which can be replaced with various creams, potions and, well, oils. But dehydrated skin lacks water, which can be treated more easily by glugging as much as you can. Aim for six to eight glasses a day and carry bottled water everywhere with you in the warmer months. Also, keep an eye out for hydrating moisturisers too.

With its anti-ageing effects, as well as its ability to brighten and smooth complexions, vitamin C is a skincare wonder. Its powerful antioxidant properties help to protect your skin against free radicals and while it’s essential to your skincare all year round, it’s especially crucial in the sunny months. For this reason, investing in a vitamin C serum would be a smart step. To boost the effects, aim to eat lots of vitamin C-rich foods too (fruit salads, here you come).

When you are popping on the sunblock every morning, it’s easy to forget that your face has a few more sensitive areas that need added protection. These include your lips, delicate eye area and bridge of your nose, so why not use a higher factor, targeted cream for all of these? And don’t forget to keep re-applying it throughout the day — setting an alarm reminder on your phone helps (hey, beauty needs planning).

Most of us tend to shower more often in spring and summer. However, if you are used to a long, hot blast of water, then be warned that this can tire out your skin. In warm weather, aim for a more moderate shower heat, then slather your body in cocoa butter afterwards. Better still, if you’re brave enough, why not take cool showers? After all, these also have the benefit of adding a little extra shine to your hair (go on, we dare you).

You’ve worn sunblock, stayed in the shade and even sported an uber-chic straw hat. Yet despite this, you’ve still been caught out by a hot day and ended up with sunburn. Disaster! It’s best to be prepared for this eventuality by having a soothing after-sun gel on standby, such as aloe vera. This will help to take the soreness away and potentially minimise any sun damage. It pays to be prepared.

The bad news is that it’s almost impossible to completely escape sun damage. The good news is that there are now more lotions and potions than ever before to can tackle the signs. So why not invest in a specialised serum that will reduce sun damage issues like hyperpigmentation? Serums aren’t marketing hype, they’re an essential part of any beauty routine, so make sure that you incorporate a few magic potions into yours this summer.