A brief look into wine & English Wine Week

As the start of English Wine Week approaches (Saturday 25th May – Sunday 2nd June 2019) our latest blog explores the fun facts behind the nation’s favourite tipple! 

Wine has long been present in modern society and there is very little evidence to suggest where this beloved beverage actually originates from. However, historians have found fossils dating back to as early as 4100 BC in Central America and its popularity has risen throughout the years and was especially prominent in Pharos Egyptian times. 

Many argue that the invention of wine was not actually a creation but more of discovery; where grapes had been accidentally left to ferment and created fermented grape juice, leading to the invention (unintentionally) of wine. Although Greek mythology disputes this and believes that Dionysus, son of Zeus and his mistress Semele, invented wine while living in the ancient Mount Nysa amongst nymphs.  This is why Dionysus is often referred to as the "God of Wine."

Now, while many wine lovers will easily be able to name you their favourite wine from any region, be it a French, Chilean or perhaps South African wine, English wine is closely rising up the ranks and has seen a boost in popularity over the last few years. 

The English wine market has over 500 vineyards and 164 wineries in the UK, with the largest single vineyard being located in Surrey – Denbies Wine Estate. The most widely planted grapes in the UK are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which account for nearly 70% of all plantings and sparkling wine accounts for just over two-thirds of all wine produced (69%), still wines at 31%.

Last year was a record year for English wine with 15.6 million bottles of wine being produced (which exceeded 2014’s record of 6.3 million.) Even Her Majesty The Queen is a fan and has been reported as serving English wine at a number of high-profile ceremonies, such as the Diamond Jubilee and State banquets. 

Well if it is good enough for royalty, it definitely must be worth a try! To view the full range of wine available at Elite Hotels during English Wine Week click here.