Beyond Cocoa: 5 Hot Drinks to Try this Winter

Hot chocolate has become the go-to, staple drink in cooler months, but is it not time to try something new? To inspire you, here is our round-up of five delicious hot drink alternatives to the classic cocoa…

Mermaid latte
Yes, this is a real thing, honestly. These dreamy and ethereal blue concoctions usually include the super healthy blue spirulina, blue butterfly pea flower (an ancient Thai herbal botanical), warm milk and honey. 

Golden Milk 
A mix of turmeric, milk, cinnamon, honey, ginger, coconut oil and peppercorns, this ancient Indian comfort drink is warming, soothing and thoroughly delicious. Consider it sunshine in a cup for winter.

London Fog
Although it is named after our capital city, this unusual concoction actually originated in Vancouver, Canada. Challenging the very British notion that Earl Grey should never be mixed with milk, this blend of bergamot tea with a dash of lavender, vanilla, steamed milk and optional sugar is actually rather lovely. 

Flavoured matcha
A magical emerald powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, matcha has long been lauded for its health benefits and energy boosting properties. Yet if you aren’t a massive green tea fan, never fear, for there is now a growing trend for flavoured matcha. Options include mint, mocha and vanilla versions, whisked up smoothly with milk. 

Ganache hot chocolate
‘But you said that you wouldn’t mention cocoa’, we hear you cry. No, but this is different. Instead of being made from powder, this ultra-indulgent drink is concocted by whisking pure melted chocolate with hot milk or cream. The result? An incredibly rich, decadent delight. 

We hope that these alternative hot drink ideas have tempted you. But of course, you could opt for the traditional instead and enjoy a cosy Elite Hotels afternoon tea in front of the fireplace. Just a thought…

London Fog image copyright Savory Tooth

Mermaid Latte copyright Mindbody Green